4 Easy Steps for Spring Break/Easter in London: It’s Not Too Late

February 22, 2019

In January 2017, I became an intern for London Connection. It was a requirement to complete an internship in order to receive my degree in Communication. On the first day, I realized that my knowledge of England was lacking. Since I hadn’t decided what to do for Spring Break, I made a quick call to my husband. He agreed that London would be a fabulous place to visit — he had been there before and knew I would LOVE it!

The National Gallery and street artists in the Spring

If you are still deciding what to do for your Spring Break or Easter this year, follow these easy steps:

  • Book Your Flights
  • Reserve Your Flat
  • Plan Your Itinerary
  • Create a Packing List

It’s as simple as that! 1-2-3-4, and you are off to a great British adventure!

Green Park in March

1. Book Your Flights

The second week of January, flights to London are often lower than any other time in the year. The first thing I do when looking at flights is to open a new incognito window. Why? It seems that when I am looking at airline prices, they seem to go up! In Safari, it is called “Private Browsing.” In Chrome, you will go to the top right of your monitor, and click on the 3 vertical dots. The drop down list will give you an option for “New Incognito Window.” Now you will be “under the radar” and can search for the perfect day and time to fly to London. I like Google Flights to begin, and found a direct flight from SLC to London/Heathrow on Delta. You can’t reserve the flight in the incognito window, but use it to shop for flights. Once you have decided, you can leave that window active, while you open the page you need to book your flight.

Inside Clarges 1-219

2. Reserve Your Flat

Of course, I stayed in a vacation apartment with LONDON CONNECTION. My husband and I LOVED our flat in Mayfair, on Clarges. It was elegant. As we walked in, I knew this was a different experience than a cookie cutter hotel room. I felt highly valued to be surrounded by so many antiques and collectibles. Each day another vase, or dish, or lamp, or book was discovered to admire. What beauty!

Cristina met us there and showed us around the flat, even the details of how to use the washer/dryer combo which was new to me. She also oriented us to nearby restaurants and markets. We followed her advice and ate our first meal at Burger and Lobster across the street (she said it was one of Thomas Moore’s favorites), and then picked up a few groceries at the corner market so we could have breakfast in our flat the next morning.

Isle of Wight, the Shanklin seashore

3. Plan Your Itinerary

Since I had never been to London, I started by gleaning the Anglophile Blog for ideas. I was excited as I read about all the landmarks and sites I could visit. I studied all about the public transportation and realized we wouldn’t need to rent a car like we have in other countries. Yes, we drove all through Italy when we traveled there. What a relief not to worry about traffic laws and road signs. I looked at the itinerary ideas for first time visitors, and for families traveling to London. After my trip, I was able to update these blogs from my first-hand experience.

Kensington Palace, a side view

A ceiling above the stairway in Kensington Palace

Some of the places we visited were:

     Kew Gardens

     Day Trip to Isle of Wight – my husband’s Mom was a Shanklin, and her ancestors came from there

     Theater: Wicked and Beautiful – both were excellent!

     Opera: Pirates of Penzance at the Coliseum

     Parks: Hyde, Green, St. James’s

     Trafalgar Square

     National Gallery

     Victoria and Albert Museum

     Covent Garden

     Buckingham Palace

     Westminster Abbey: Sunday evening organ recital – FREE

     St. Paul’s Cathedral

     Kensington Palace

National Gallery/Trafalgar Square on a rainy day

You will see, hear, taste, and find new things to remember for years to come. Whatever you choose, you will have a great experience! Depending on the weather, you will have beautiful blue skies or some clouds to create more dramatic photographs.

4. Create a Packing List

No matter what time of year you visit, you will want to pack some basics. It rains throughout the year; you will want a waterproof jacket with a hood. But don’t overpack. Hauling around so many pieces of luggage can be such a nuisance, and why pay the extra baggage fees if you don’t need to. Save that money for souvenirs.

Using the car service through London Connection made dealing with luggage a snap. We rode in a lovely town car that delivered us directly to our apartment doorstep. We didn’t have to figure out trains and tubes while dealing with jet-lag. I suggest this highly to avoid stress as you arrive. It is challenging enough that first day just to STAY AWAKE after the long flight.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to keep any medications with you in your purse or carry-on luggage. I have traveled with a group throughout Europe when someone’s luggage was delayed for several days that included their prescriptions. It got ugly! Don’t have that experience!

Check out the blog: 5 Packing Tips For Every Season in London for more ideas.

Jeff and Sheila at Kew Gardens

Once my internship was completed, I jumped on the opportunity to stay with London Connection. I enjoy continuing to research and write their blogs and newsletters, and look forward to my next trip to London. If you have any ideas for topics you would like me to cover, let me know! SheilaF@LondonConnection.com

UPDATE: I have since returned to London in November 2018 with the other women in the US office. We had an incredible experience staying in two different Covent Garden flats, seeing new sights, new shows, and eating in other fantastic restaurants. I think you could go every year to London and never see it all.

You will LOVE Springtime in London, just as I did. The flowers are popping up and the weather is perfect. Not too hot, and not too cold. JUST RIGHT. The clouds create beautiful sunsets. The crowds are manageable. So many reasons to travel to London in the Spring.

So now you can see how easy it is to plan your Easter or Spring Break in London, just follow the steps. 1-2-3-4 and OFF YOU GO!