8 Benefits of Staying in a London Vacation Rental

February 22, 2019


The expression LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION is a well known bit of advice when traveling to a vacation destination. And even as important is the expression LIVE LIKE A LONDONER. London Connection offers short term, vacation rentals of an outstanding standard, located in the most convenient areas of London. The benefits of vacationing in London in a private flat rather than in a hotel will make a great difference in your London holiday. Experiencing London like a Londoner creates the feeling that you are really part of this great city. Here are EIGHT reasons you will have the experience of a lifetime when staying in a London Connection vacation rental.

1. You Have More Options to Live Like a Londoner


Hotel rooms are for suitcases; flats are for people. A London Connection’s short-term vacation rental is offered because the property will give you the comforts of home. Depending on the size of your group, you can select 1- 4 bedrooms accommodating up to eight guests in the same flat. These properties are chosen because they are located in walking distances to grocery stores, transportation, historic sites, and necessary shopping. You will mingle with local merchants, banks, cash points, and the famous bakeries  —  you will begin to talk like a Londoner with a jam donut in one hand, a travel pass in another, and English pound notes and coins in your pockets. You will hear the locals using words which might seem strange for a moment, but you will eventually start saying LOO (restroom), LIFT (elevator), HOB (stove), BOOT (trunk), BONNET (car hood), TUBE (subway), TAKE AWAY (fast food), BROLEY (umbrella), BLOKE (man), FAG (cigarette), FANCY (to like), HOOVER (vacuum), MATE (friend), PINT (glass of beer), QUID (coin), LOUNGE (living room), RUBBISH (garbage), etc. Oh my goodness, you will return home with an English accent, the best souvenir of all.

2. Straightforward Pricing and Cost Effective

One of the major factors causing people to turn to vacation apartments in London is COST. What a visitor finds in a hotel compared to what is offered in one of London Connection’s fine properties is unfortunate. Sometimes the cost of a hotel can be twice the cost of a comparable flat  — in many cases, the tips and taxes will increase the cost beyond double that of a comparable flat. VALUE FOR MONEY DEFINES A FLAT. There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than to do a booking only to find that there is a string of additional charges. We don’t operate like that. Our guests appreciate knowing exactly what they will pay from the beginning.

LONDON CONNECTION pricing is inclusive. The amount you see on our website is the TOTAL cost. There are no cleaning deposits, no VAT, no sales tax, etc, etc. Our prices are in US dollars. This means that American travelers avoid the common pitfalls associated with foreign travel. London Connection’s business office is run from the United States which means you avoid foreign transaction fees charged by your credit card company. It also means that we take on any risk associated with a fluctuating exchange rate. You don’t have to worry if the British Pound rises because your trip cost is already set in dollars.

3. You’ll be Living Amongst Locals

Spending your holiday in one of London Connection’s flats allows visitors to mingle with the locals. There is a shop on the corner, a restaurant nearby, a pub just down the lane, a fish and chips shop across the street; you are in London, and it will feel like London and not like a hotel lobby where the people you will spend time with are other tourists with no hint of being a Londoner. You will build relationships with local people who will give you advice, directions, and opinions. Mention politics, and you have the experience of your life. Local Londoners are well informed about everything and read their favorite newspapers. Every morning or evening, I pick up a newspaper from a local newspaper stand where there will be a daily bulletin about the day’s most important news. The opportunity to talk to the local shopkeeper every morning will build relationships you will want to keep in your life for years to come.

Our properties are located in several upscale areas; each offer a unique experience. Check out all the neighborhoods and choose which area will be the best fit for you: London Neighborhood Guide 

4. Full-time Housekeeping & Maintenance Staff

Each flat is assigned to its own housekeeper who is in charge of the care and repair of the flat. These professional housekeepers know their business, and they are in each flat at least every seven days. In addition, they provide maid service when clients request additional housekeeping. Some of these housekeepers have worked with London Connection for more than fifteen years. We are very much like a family. These team members know their business, and they know what visitors need and expect.

LONDON CONNECTION provides linens and towels which have been professionally sterilized and laundered. These linens are fresh and placed in flats as needed. To our knowledge there is no other company renting private properties in London that cares enough to sterilize the linens. We do not require housekeepers to wash towels and linens in domestic washing machines where sterilization and thorough cleaning is not assured. The perfect bed with fresh linen is our professional responsibility. We believe anything less is unacceptable.

London Connection has its own maintenance man who knows the flats and has been involved in their upkeep for several years. Marcin has been with London Connection for more than TWELVE years and has been working in property maintenance in London for several additional years. Marcin is a professional who works carefully and respectfully with visitors who are spending their vacations in London Connection flats. This company regards him highly. We don’t anticipate that you will personally meet him, but you will know he has been there. All will be in PERFECT WORKING ORDER.

5. A London Connection Team Member will Greet You at Your Flat


London Connection attempts to create a “world” for its visitors. We offer guides, friendly contact people, drivers for tours and airport pick-ups and returns. These people will not be strangers. They will become your friends. These professionals will know your flat and are eager to be of assistance whenever required. These people will become your “world” while you are in London. It is more like a family — very different from a busy hotel! Read details and meet our team: How It Works 

The company’s entire staff is interconnected. The team works together on both continents every day of the week to complement each other’s duties. We know of no other company that offers London properties with offices both in the U.S. as well as in London. London Connection is the same company on both sides of the Atlantic with no agents or subletting involved.

6. It Feels More Like a Home


A London Connection flat will have a very well decorated lounge with television, phones, Internet, washer and dryer, comfortable furnishings. We have also added antiques, paintings, and fine carpets  —  all to create a sense of being at home. There will be the a full kitchen where all meals can be prepared. Having a place for a snack, a drink, a sandwich, breakfast is probably one of the most important differences between a flat and a hotel. After a wonderful, long, and exciting day wandering around London, coming home to a comfortable sofa, a large screen television, your own phone, and free Internet will make you feel that you will never want to return to a hotel ever again.

7. Spacious


London flats offer SPACE. Years ago when I first discovered “life in a flat,” the differences made a great impact. I was used to small hotel rooms, very well known in London. Space in a flat, however, was the great change in my life; I never returned to hotel life. In a hotel, my suitcase had its space, and I ended up with whatever was left. If you have ever been to London in a hotel, you will understand what I am talking about. In a London Connection flat, the person comes first, and we make sure the suitcases have separate storage of their own.

8. Location!


London Connection’s vacation rentals are located in perfect locations, walking distance to the sites which are on your itineraries. Only the large, expensive hotels are in central London because of the cost of operating such facilities. Therefore, flats are the better way to go because they are in the areas where hotels are not found, the most convenient locations for London visitors. Being in the heart of London makes a big difference for a vacation in this glorious city. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION

Benefits of a Short Term Rental

London Connection has been offering private flats and homes in central London for the past thirty-five years. The large number of returning visitors indicates to us that travelers prefer a well furnished, well appointed flat rather than the confined walls of a hotel. As my Granny used to say: THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

STAY IN ONE OF LONDON CONNECTION’S FLATS, AND YOU WILL WRITE US A NOTE UPON YOUR RETURN HOME TELLING US THAT HOTELS ARE A THING OF THE PAST. We at the London Connection are excited to help you with your “flat life” discovery and to hear of your wonderful vacation. We like to hear your stories.