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Sample Itinerary for first time visitors to London – London Connection

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 Day 1: GETTING SETTLED Arrive London  —  Meet the London Connection driver after clearing Her Majesty’s Customs in the MEETING HALL.  The driver will have a sign with the arriving party’s name.  The driver will take you directly to your accommodation, alerting the let-in people that you have arrived and are on your way to the

Suggested London Itinerary for Families with Children

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London is an amazing place.  Full of sites and activities that delight all of the senses. This never ending array of choices makes London a fantastic place to take children, but it can get overwhelming as you consider what, when, and how to make the most of your visit. I have put together a sample

Christmas in London!

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Holiday Season in London! There are fun activities and interesting sites for every taste in London leading up to the holiday season. Whether it’s ice skating in the park, Shopping on Regent Street, Or meeting some real live Reindeer at the London Zoo The holiday season is a sparkling and vibrant time to visit London.

Autumn Harvest: Food in London

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For many of us the cooler weather that signals the end of summer is a welcome harbinger of things to come.  The time for warm comfort food, oversized sweaters, and fuzzy boots is right around the corner. In London this magical crisp weather also means that visitors to London are looking for some great fresh

London Connection Guests “Must-Try” places in London

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We love to have guest provide us with an insider’s scoop on places that you must try, things you must do, and food you must eat in London.  Our guests often tell us of a new place or an old favorite that they loved in London. We are happy to share their great finds with

Did you Know?— 10 interesting facts about London

London is a city full of life.  This often means that London holds some interesting and little known secrets.  See if you were aware of any of these interesting tidbits about the city; then go to London and discover your very own London secret.  London holds enough secrets for everyone. 1. In Britain, motorists drive on