Architectural Highlights Found in London’s Kensal Green

June 22, 2017

London is perfect for enjoying unique walks. For the first-time visitors to London, Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews, the London Eye, West End Graffiti, Canary Wharf, Hyde Park Gardens are among the famous destinations which are popular and always exciting. However, where does the seasoned London visitor or the extra curious London visitor go for an amazing walk which will highlight history, architecture, sculpture, biographies, and at times humor, reverence, religious beliefs, vanities, class distinction, and certainly all kinds of art? Let me suggest an afternoon wandering through the Kensal Green Cemetery in north London.

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There are five major cemeteries in London as well as an animal pet cemetery and several resting places in churches all over London, but the best experience is KENSAL GREEN. This cemetery became fashionable when three children of King George III were buried here, making this cemetery a social destination even in death.

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Other famous Victorians chose to be buried here because they wished to be part of the society of the age. In Paris, Pere Lachese attracts almost as many visitors as does Notre Dame Cathedral on Ile St Louis. London’s Kensal Green is not quite as famous as its Paris counterpart, but the architecture, styles and names of past eras are equally exciting.

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It’s an amazing, amazing facility. Because people build monuments at the time their loved ones die, these monuments are designed in the architectural style that was fashionable at the time of their death. So we find classical monuments such as the mausoleum built for Prince George, The Duke of Cambridge. We see neoclassical. We find remarkable Gothic monuments.

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I suggest a visitor come to the cemetery by tube arriving at the Kensal Green Tube Station. The entrance to the cemetery is a short distance. An entire day from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the late afternoon will be filled with searching and enjoyment — pack a picnic, load your camera. There is a Sunday tour at 2:00 pm, leaving from the Anglican Chapel. Personal guides can be arranged by calling London 07530676151.  

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What really interested me were the mausoleum and the crematorium. The mausoleum is fascinating with rows and rows of coffins from two hundred years of history showing styles, fashions, and epitaphs. But I think that when we realize that in a cemetery all of the architecture over a long period of time will be right at our fingertips. And on top of that the great thing that will stir you are the momentos, the phrases, the comments written on the sculptures which all reflect the style and the people and the times in which they lived.

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While wandering through this fascinating historic cemetery, a perfect Halloween party has to be on a visitor’s mind. The wild flowers are very beautiful, the small animals that have made the cemetery their home will warm your heart, the birds of all kinds will thrill the world’s bird watchers. This cemetery offers so much pleasure and enjoyment.  

Wandering through Kensal Green Cemetery will reveal a very different London landmark, but it will be a part of a London tourist’s experience they will never forget. You will have a treasure hunt finding some of the most famous that are buried at Kensal Green Cemetery. Report back to us which ones you found and which monument was your favorite. And I guarantee you as you return to your London Connection flat, you will look at the architecture with a different perspective.