The Beginner’s Guide to London Vacation Rentals

March 21, 2017

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Vacation rentals are more popular than ever before. With the ease of searching, booking, and paying online, travelers are discovering this great alternative. Staying in a flat is the ideal way to have the perfect trip to London whether you come every year or are visiting for your very first time. Vacation rentals allow you to enjoy a more home-like experience instead of an inadequate hotel room. When choosing an accommodation, you should be able to look at pictures and property descriptions and choose the EXACT accommodation. With the flexibility of 1 to 4 bedrooms, you’ll choose what works best for your group. Whether a family vacation, a business trip, or a romantic get-away, there will be a perfect place meant just right for you.

Vacation Rental Benefits


Spacious – Vacation rentals are not the single-room dwellings you find in a hotel. You will have a living area where you can spread out, away from the bedroom. After spending all day together sight-seeing, it is nice to have plenty of space to relax!

Kitchen – Even though you might eat many of your meals in restaurants, it is so easy to stop at the grocery store for some breakfast items and treats. Having a fridge, stove, and microwave in the full kitchen saves money and time.

Unique – Each flat has been decorated to give a feeling of home. Artwork, furniture, wall colors, and trinkets are different in each apartment. You can choose the flat that calls to you. Here are a few images -so many options!

Modern – Make sure that your vacation rental has been updated so your stay will be as expected. You will appreciate a washer/dryer so you don’t have to pack more than one suitcase. Are the bathrooms and kitchen inviting? Look at pictures and imagine yourself in the space. How does it feel?

Historical –  See if you can find out about the history of the property. Some flats have unique backgrounds that are exciting to know ahead of time.  Many flats are located in historic buildings and have tales to tell.

Location – . You might want to be close to museums or theatres if that is one of the major reasons you are visiting London. Maybe you plan to shop all day so you will be best in a flat in the heart of the great commercial areas of the city. Read some blogs to discover your neighborhood options, and choose a flat within walking distance or with easy access to public transportation.

Options – Determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need to ideally accommodate your group. Will stairs work, or do you need a lift? You might want a view from a higher floor, or you may prefer the ground level. It is up to you. That is the beauty of a vacation rental.

Start Looking For Your Rental Early


Popular vacation rentals will book early; the sooner you begin your search the more options you will have. Many experienced travelers start at the first of the year to book their summer accommodations. Other loyal guests choose the same flat for the same week every year. Have an idea of what you are looking for before starting your search. The more flexible your travel dates are, the more options you will find.

Read The Fine Print

Check to find check-in and out times, service fees, the cancellation policy, the arrival process, the amenities, and what makes the company you are booking with special. You don’t want any surprise fees after returning home, so make sure you choose a vacation rental that has included everything up front.

When booking with London Connection, you will be greeted upon arrival at the airport by a company driver. Our London property managers Cristina or Ricardo will meet/greet you at the flat and orient you to the property, showing you in detail how the flat works. They answer all your questions before leaving you on your own!  You will even learn how to work a washer/dryer which is a London experience.

Read The Guest Reviews

Reading the guest reviews in the guest book will be helpful;  guests tell all.  This is important because it comes from people who experienced the flat before you. If most people enjoyed their stay, chances are you will too. Keep in mind that everyone has different preferences.

What To Look For If You are Renting in London as a Couple

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The two of you will be able to choose the location that is close to the attractions you are planning to visit. If you are celebrating an anniversary or are  newly married, London is filled with romance! Make sure you are in close proximity to a tube spot, restaurants, and shopping. Being within walking distance to your interests will save you money and energy. Choose a flat that ensures plenty of privacy.

What To Look For If You are Staying In a Vacation Rental as a Family

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Choose a vacation rental where there is enough space for everyone in your family. Some neighborhoods are more family friendly, and some are more focused on night-life. Even though you may be used to piling everyone into a mini-van, there is no need to rent a car in London. Public transportation is readily accessible, and you will be glad you don’t have to find parking place and pay parking fees! For ideas of things to do in London as a family, check out some great ideas of things to do in London with your family here

What To Look For In Your London Corporate Housing Search


Location will be important; plan ahead to be relatively close to where your meetings will be. Since you might be continuing work in your flat, WiFi will be a necessity. If you are hoping to have a nightlife, you will find that some London neighborhoods are busiest in the evening.. Restaurants and tube stops within walking distance of your accommodation will be a priority.  Ask the people who manage the property every question that comes into your head.  

kids in phone booth.jpgExclusive Vacation Rentals

You will enjoy the benefits of a vacation rental if you know in advance exactly what the property is like. Make sure you know all the details. Choose a location where you will be welcomed upon your arrival and have all your questions answered. Most people enjoy a private spot, not a shared accommodation where the owners are in the next room. You won’t be moving someone else’s toothbrush when you choose London Connection. We offer beautifully decorated flats throughout London that are exclusively used as vacation rentals and have the same owner. All are sparkling clean and well-maintained; everything is up-to-date.

Whatever the reason for your travel to London, having a home-base you enjoy will make all the difference. Choose the place; choose the date. Now all you have to do is make new memories in London. We can’t wait to see YOUR photos!