October 12, 2017

LONDON CONNECTION VACATION RENTALS believes that London is the ideal destination for special celebrations. It is a city where history becomes a romantic tale; it is a city where people still ride around town in magnificent carriages. London is a town where Queen Mary’s jewels still glitter on a granddaughter who wears them with great romantic dignity. This is a city where the art of conversation continues to be valued. Good gossip about real events and people is worth a night’s discussion or debate in a local pub. Where else in the world is the silver you eat with called the “Queen’s Pattern?” London is a city where the legends of historic buildings always includes a lovely lady, a great architect, a monarch, a location once inhabited by ancient tribes and conquering empires. If ghosts do truly exist, they must dance through neighborhoods whose histories reach back to the days of the Knights and their beautiful ladies. Without questioning, London is the city where fairy tales and murder mysteries, crowns on a king’s head, and elegant cakes designed by famous bakers and delivered by fairy tale carriages to their romantic destinations dazzle our eyes almost on a daily basis.  

Visitors to London come with the idea that this city will be a special celebration. I know how it feels to fly over London and all those iconic buildings as the airplane is descending into the landing runways of Heathrow or Gatwick airports. I understand the sensation when the pilot states that the plane will be landing in ten minutes and asks that all seat belts be fastened. I love that moment when I first have that moist, soft, cool air in my face telling my heart, mind, and soul that something very special is about to happen.

Then, I realize that I have come to London with the one person who is most important in my life to celebrate a romantic occasion, an anniversary of being sweet hearts for many years. Because this is a celebration, special thought has been taken to see to it that it is the perfect experience which will be in our hearts for a lifetime. These days, most trips to a large, modern city require levis, sweat shirts, tennis shoes, and casual clothing; but a celebration trip like an anniversary requires some special clothes for this special experience. Can you just image an evening wearing lovely clothes, the perfect destination, an iconic London black cab with someone snuggled next to you who is smiling and sharing this special moment in time? May I suggest the perfect London Connection vacation apartment where you will become typical Londoners, living in one of the most romantic cities in the world. So where should the wonderful, chatting cab driver take you for this experience?

We all come to London with different amounts of lolly in our pockets, so our destinations will be different. The Internet lists many destinations where DINNER AND DANCE is offered as a package. All the great hotels offer special events to celebrate a special occasion. Londoners are the great hosts and have been welcoming and entertaining guests for centuries. They wear top hats and long black coats  —  always with a polite nod and a white linen serving towel over their arm. But it is that subtle British smile and beautiful English voice that first greet us. We suddenly know the celebration has begun. So let’s make it a very memorable occasion. Let me show you our photographs and tell you about our special occasion in London.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.54.39 AM.png

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Stephanie and I spent our 50thwedding anniversary at The Ritz on Piccadilly in Mayfair. We “saved up” and decided we wanted to spend this evening in a legendary, glorious, historic, gracious setting. It all turned out PERFECT. We chose Friday night at the Ritz where there is champagne if you choose, a superb meal, a dance performance, and an evening of beautiful music for dancing. The servers know that generally most people are there because it is a special occasion so they politely ask if they can borrow your camera to take your picture. They sense when to be at your table and when to be far away. The entire room smells of beautiful flowers, and the lights highlight the gilt ceiling and silver on the tables.

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The Savoy also offers a DINNER AND DANCE package for special occasions. The dining room is magnificent, and Alex Mendham and Orchestra will lighten your feet, and you will snuggle and dance the evening into a dream. Check out their invitation; it is amazing.

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Perhaps you are not our age, perhaps you didn’t bring along a formal attire, maybe you want a casual evening to celebrate your wonderful moment in your life. London is the perfect place for this event. Charming restaurants, pubs, clubs will welcome you, and you will remember these wonderful destinations all your lives for the moment you shared a very special occasion. My friend Maureen Walker told me Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho is the place where special people gathered for special evenings.

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Celebrating an important occasion in your lives, let the London Connection add to that experience by helping you choose the perfect flat for your needs. THE LONDON CONNECTION enjoys celebrating, and we know how to see that you have the best experience. Give us a call, and we will help you. London is indeed a city designed for celebrations. It is the city where an event becomes a romantic tale. At my age, I am certainly a “romantic,” and I understand.