London Climate: What Can I Expect? Will We Need Air Conditioning?

April 10, 2018

What kind of weather can you expect when you travel to London? Will you get too cold, or too warm? Many American have become accustomed to air conditioning and get concerned that they might have discomfort when traveling in the summer months.

How you react to London weather will probably be influenced by where you live. If you are traveling from 105 degree Las Vegas or Phoenix in July, you will feel chilly in London and be asking for sweaters, not A/C. Coming from Montana or Canada, you might be warm. You live in Boston or Seattle? You will feel right at home!

Google to the rescue with an easy to find temperature graph for London. As you can see, the climate is quite moderate. The Brits don’t build their homes with air conditioning like Americans do; it isn’t necessary. The weather just doesn’t call for it.

London Connection Vacation Rentals has been taking care of guests since 1985, and has learned to accommodate their needs. We have fans in every property, and air conditioning in about 15% of the flats. If a guest chooses a property without the included cooled air, there is an option to rent a portable air conditioner for their stay in London. These are professional units, not put in one window, but on wheels that can be moved easily if you would like. They are very powerful and will keep you very comfortable. We will have it in your apartment as you arrive and return it for you afterward. Just make your request during your reservation process, and cover the £100 delivery fee — we will do the rest! London Connection FAQs

Of course, all the properties have heat year round. Because of the very temperate climate that doesn’t usually drop below freezing, you can enjoy strolling the streets whenever you are there. Snow is quite rare, rain on the other hand — most of our flats also have umbrellas in the closet, and you know why!

For more information, read our Anglophile blog for year-round ideas:

You may also enjoy this interesting podcast about the invention of air conditioning by Willis Carrier in 1902. It wasn’t about comfort, but to allow the printing of magazines to continue. Fascinating! Here is the link for that: Thermal Delight

An inviting bedroom in London Connection’s 2-29 Shelton Street property

London Connection will make sure you are comfortable whenever you choose to visit — whether you need to turn on the heat, open a window, or use air conditioning. We hope to see you in London very soon, any time of the year!