London Museums…History, Art, Science, and Culture and they are all FREE!!

August 17, 2015

It is always interesting to learn people have paid for tours that include “discounts” to museums in London.  Unless they are handing you money at the door you aren’t actually getting a discount.  The museums in London are FREE to everyone all the time.

The museums in London are amazing; they aren’t free because they are small with nothing significant to offer a casual visitor.  These museums are premier institutions comparable to the best museums from all over the world. I’ve highlighted a few that are not to be missed.

What you find as you wander the collections on a rainy London afternoon is limited only by your own interests and time to explore.

Exterior of V&A
The Victoria and Albert

  This beautiful museum is a personal favorite of many visitors to London.

As of 31 March 2015 there were 2,278,183 items in the Museum’s collections:

victoria-and-albert-museum-see-do-museums-galleries-large     textiles exhibition

Inside main concourse
The British Museum

The British Museum is so large and is packed full of amazing art, historical artifacts, and cultural remnants you could spend days exploring its halls.  If you only have a short time to visit you may want to explore the highlights.  Here are my top 5:

Game of UR
The Game of UR
King of Iife
The King of Ife
Lewis Chessman
Lewis Chessaman
Mummy of Katebet
Mummy of Katebet
Rosetta stone
The Rosetta Stone


Exterior view
The Tate Modern

As diverse as the people who love London, the museums offer something for everyone.  The Tate Modern is full of an eclectic mix of modern art including sculpture, painting, special exhibitions and interactive exhibits. The surprises are everywhere in this nice London museum.

modern artscultpure at tate modern



The possibilities of a museum day in London are very nearly endless. If you enjoyed this first taste of what is available in London, you will want to check out this list and find a new favorite the next time you visit London.

Natural History Museum

Science Museum

Imperial War Museum

Museum of London

National Gallery

National Maritime Museum

London Transport Museum

Churchill War Rooms

The Wallace Collection

The Old Operating Theater Museum

Museum of Brands and Packaging

Charles Dickens Museum

The Apsley House

There are Many More!

Let us know what your favorite museum was the next time you stay with us.