London Vacation Rentals: Property Code vs. Physical Address

June 8, 2018

London Connection has been fine tuning the art of caring for our guests and vacation apartments since 1985. One of the precautions we have implemented is: not publicizing the physical address of our properties. Instead, we assign a property code. We show actual photos of the inside and outside of the accommodations on our website. Since these flats are all in the finest neighborhoods, one cannot pinpoint the actual location of the property by reading the description.

Understanding the property code:

  • The first number is the number of bedrooms
  • The number after the dash is a number assigned when when we first acquire the property
  • The name will be a word or nearby street that describes the property, but not necessarily the actual street name

For example 1-319 Clarges is a 1 bedroom flat on Clarges Street in Mayfair. Since there are multiple buildings on Clarges Street, an unwanted stranger would not be able to tag our property as a place that might have guests from out of town by seeing this property code alone.

As you can tell from images, the accommodations are beautifully decorated. No reason to let just anybody know where that property is. The last thing any of us would want is for our property to become a target like a hotel might be.

After your reservation is final, you will receive a confirmation the following business day. It will include the physical address of the property. Then you can get on Google Maps and look at the street and get acquainted with the neighborhood.

With over 30 years experience, London Connection has implemented other details that set them apart from other vacation rental companies. See our blog article: There is a Difference When You Book a Vacation Apartment.