Navigating the London Tube and Bus is a Snap!

February 7, 2018

The London Tube/bus system is the perfect way to get around London. Stephanie and I decided we would make this trip an exploration of this great city by public transportation. That may sound silly for two older senior travelers, but you might like to see how simple London public transportation is. So, follow our morning, and perhaps you might conclude that IF WE CAN USE AN OYSTER CARD, ANYONE CAN. “Let’s take a ride.”

Our destination was Covent Garden for the Jubilee Antique Market. Since we are staying in Mayfair, we walked to our local Green Park Tube Station, entered the station and asked an assistant to take us through the process of procuring the travel card — the Oyster Card.

We chose a 7-day Oyster card, put in my debit card, and there was my authorization and card. It was so simple. These can also be purchased ahead of time at this link: Visitor Oyster Card.

Throughout the week, return to this same or similar screen to find out the balance left on your Oyster Card (like shown below). Only 3.50 left on this one… time to add more funds for next week! And of course, there are plenty of brochures available to answer your questions. Grab a tube map to refer to when you plan for your next day.

Back to our adventure: We followed the arrows which directed us to the Piccadilly Line so we used our card, down the escalator we went. We could see our train would be on Track 4 and would arrive in 13 minutes.

As you board, be sure to MIND THE GAP.  During the day there is ample room, but during the morning hours when people are headed to work it is usually very crowded. But do you notice how CLEAN everything is, even following the morning crowd? Amazing, isn’t it!


This efficient train took us to Covent Garden in less than ten minutes. Up to the exit we went, again put in our card to allow us to exit. Each station has its own look inside and out. Covent Garden is all about theater, as you can see.

A taxi would have taken us 20 minutes or more in traffic, cost us 12 pounds each way. Stephanie and I decided it wasn’t just the money saved, but it was the time spent sitting in a taxi in London traffic. And don’t even think about renting a car. Driving and parking in London is NOT NECESSARY when the public transportation is so clean and runs perfectly on time!

Later in the day, after lunch, we went to the Royal Academy to experience the exhibition THE CHARLES I ART COLLECTION RE-ASSEMBLED. We checked the routes, jumped on the bus, tapped the bus authorization pad with the SAME Oyster card, and we were off again.

IF WE CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. By the way, while you are in the Tube Station, there are often key shops, dry cleaners, cash points (ATM),  magazine shops, and even snacks.

THIS TRIP IS ALL ABOUT RIDING THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION and we invite you to join us on the ride. And course, next time you visit London we invite you to be our guest in one of our fabulous London Connection Vacation Apartments. Get around like a Londoner and live like a Londoner. ENJOY.