Prince Harry is Tying the Knot on May 19; Do You Want to Go With Us?

December 15, 2017

IT IS ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING —  why would a man with 46 flats sleep rough on the streets of London? I’ll tell you why because I am that man. London is full of excitement and pageantry and beauty and history all at the same time when the Royal Family puts on a fabulous Royal Wedding.

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry on May 19, 2018 hit the newspapers and television like thunder. Everyone can already feel the excitement and expectations for another great event, hopefully as joyous as was the wedding of Prince William and his consort Katherine Middleton  —  now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  

I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE camping out with my sleeping bag, rain jacket, and camera on Victoria Street/Broad Sanctuary — just west of the great door of Westminster Abbey. I was surrounded by thousands of other excited new friends along with the press who were recording every moment. It is still like a great dream in my memory. Now the question: would I do it again? FOR SURE I WOULD.

Now that the May 26 date is announced, I recommend you grab a flat to use as a base for your upcoming Royal Event. The London Connection flats will book quickly, so start planning the “wedding” trip in your mind so as to be prepared to move quickly once the date and location are announced. This is going to be a camera field day and an event you will never forget.

Will I see you there?