Take a Quiz: Find The Best Area to Stay in London Based on Your Interests

February 16, 2018

Have you dreamed of traveling to London, but don’t know where to begin? After you book your flight (or maybe even before) you will want to decide where to stay. Yes, the public transportation system is fantastic — so no matter where you stay you can easily visit another area. However, each neighborhood has it own personality. Each area really is unique! You want to stay where you will be most comfortable and feel like you are “home.”

What do you enjoy? Here is a little quiz to help you figure out which area might be best for you. Grab a paper and pencil, or print it out if that is easier for you.

See which neighborhood best suits your personality. Score each box with a score of 1-5.


Then total the columns.

_____  Luxury Shopping_____  Peaceful surroundings_____  Theatre district _____  London’s Beverly Hills _____  Victoria and Albert Museum
_____  Beautiful residences_____  High fashion_____  Trafalgar Square_____  Fine restaurants_____  Affluent properties
_____  Rare and valuable automobiles _____  Exquisite white stucco architecture _____  Heart of the city and its night life _____  Green Park & St. James Park _____  Kensington Palace: Diana exhibition
 _____  Hyde Park (walking, bikes, horses) _____  Belgrave Square gardens _____  Royal Opera and Royal Ballet _____  Royal Academy of Art _____  Hyde Park (walking, bikes, horses)
 _____  Harrod’s and Harvey & Nichols _____  Famous former residents: Prime Ministers, Sean Connery, Chopin _____  Quaint cafes amongst cobblestone streets _____  Aristocratic/ Buckingham Palace & Queen’s Gallery _____  Natural History Museum and Science Museums
 _____  Wandering and exploring _____  Foreign Embassies _____  National Art  and National Portrait Galleries _____  Fine automobiles _____  Royal Albert Hall
 _____  Tree-lined streets _____  One of the world’s most expensive places to live _____  Monday morning Jubilee Antique market  _____  Auction houses, antiques, and art galleries _____  World famous gardens
Total Column A


Total Column B


Total Column C


Total Column D


Total Column E



So which neighborhood is most suited for your personality?  Drumroll, please…

A. Knightsbridge

B. Belgravia

C. Covent Garden

D. Mayfair/St. James

E. South Kensington

Whichever area you determine to choose, London Connection Vacation Apartments has the perfect accommodation for you. We will help you have a wonderful time from the moment you make your reservation until you leave London. We can give you ideas for your itinerary, help you know what to pack, how to obtain your public transportation card, and which museums to visit as you read our Anglophile blog. We will pick you up at the airport, meet you at your flat, and stay with you until you feel oriented to the apartment and the area. NO OTHER VACATION RENTAL COMPANY DOES THAT! 

To learn more about each neighborhood, check out our London Neighborhood Guide: Best Areas to Stay in London.  Hope to see you in London — very soon!