There is a Difference when you book a vacation apartment with London Connection!

July 28, 2017


 How is London Connection Different?

We have been fine tuning our business over more than 30 years. We believe strongly that we are different than any other vacation rental company and those differences make your stay an experience you will enjoy.

We Offer Our Own Properties

All of our properties are in our own company portfolio. We own, lease, maintain, decorate, and control the upkeep of all the flats. We are not a middle-man company between owners and guests. When you talk to LONDON CONNECTION, you are talking directly with the owners and London Connection teamTHE BUCK STOPS HERE. We are not a company that simply provides advertisement for other people’s flats. We know the standard and quality of our properties because they are ours. Our properties are rented full time and are not someones primary residence. LONDON CONNECTION properties are in our rental pool fifty-two weeks a year. You will not be renting a vacation property where you have to confront an owner’s clothes, tooth brush, and towels/linens. The flats have been prepared for our visitors by a very skillful London team.

Straight Forward Simple Pricing

LONDON CONNECTION pricing is inclusive. The pricing you see on our website is the TOTAL price. There are no cleaning deposits, no VAT, no sales tax, etc, etc. Our prices are in US dollars. This means that American travelers avoid the common pitfalls associated with foreign travel. London Connection’s business office is run from the United States which means you avoid foreign transaction fees charged by your credit card company. It also means that we take on any risk associated with a fluctuating exchange rate. You don’t have to worry if the British Pound rises because your trip cost is already set in dollars.

There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than to do a booking only to find that there is a string of additional charges. We don’t operate like that. Our guests appreciate knowing exactly what they will pay from the beginning.

You are Greeted On Arrival by a Member of our Team

The unique experience of working with London Connection is evident from the moment you first contact us. We take care of our guests. Your arrival is no different. A member of our team meets every group that checks into one of our flats. There are no keys hidden under the welcome mat. You have the opportunity to ask questions, get recommendations for restaurants, stores, site seeing etc. and learn about the flat you are staying in.Even after the initial tour of your flat, you have a contact number of a local team member for use in case of emergency, problem or issue that may arise.

Ricardo and Cristina: Head up our Team in London and do a fantastic job

Professional Organization with Experienced Specialists in all Aspects of the Business

Cristina is the manager of the London Team. Ricardo Lopes is the associate manager. Cristina has been working with travelers coming to London and staying in private flats for twenty years. Ricardo has been working with London Connection for seven years and comes to the team from the restaurant world. They are masters of making sure our guests have an amazing experience when they stay with us. These well trained members of the team work with 1,600 groups who come to our flats each year. They have experience, talent, understanding of living in private flats, and they are on the scene every day of the week. There is no finer professional team than Cristina and Ricardo.

David Norman
David Norman: Professional Driver

 The company’s entire team is interconnected.  The team works together on both continents every day of the week to complement each other’s duties. We know of no other company that offers London properties that with offices both in the U.S. as well as in London. London Connection is the same company on both sides of the Atlantic with no agents or subletting involved.

LONDON CONNECTION has a team of drivers who work for this operation on a daily basis. David Norman is responsible for chauffeur services. David Norman is a professional driver and represents the finest in his field. David works with the London let-in/meeter-greeter team so airplane delays or early arrivals are carefully monitored. David Norman and his associate Joe are the perfect way to start a trip. They are the FIRST FACE of this company. David has worked with us for over fifteen years. Fabulous service.

Full-Time Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff

Professionally Laundered and Sterilized Linens ready to be delivered to the flats.

LONDON CONNECTION provides linens and towels which have been professionally sterilized and laundered. These linens are fresh and placed in flats as needed. LONDON CONNECTION does not require housekeepers to wash towels and linens in domestic washing machines where sterilization and thorough cleaning is not assured. To our knowledge there is no other company renting private properties in London that cares enough to sterilize the linens. We believe anything less is unacceptable. The perfect bed with fresh linen is our professional responsibility.

Each flat is assigned to its own housekeeper who is in charge of the care and repair of the flat. These professional housekeepers know their business, and they are in each flat at least every seven days. In addition, they provide maid service when clients request additional housekeeping. Some of these housekeepers have worked with London Connection for more than fifteen years. We are very much like a family. These team members know their business, and they know what visitors need and expect.

Marcin: Takes care of Maintenance in all of the flats in London
Laundry Services
Commercial Laundry facility used for all towels and linens in our flats.

LONDON CONNECTION has its own maintenance man who knows the flats and has been involved in their upkeep for several years. Marcin has been with London Connection for more than ten years and has been working in property maintenance in London for several additional years. Marcin is a professional who works carefully and respectfully with visitors who are spending their vacations in London Connection flats. This company regards him highly.

Efficient and Real-Time Booking

The LONDON CONNECTION website provides  accurate photographs of the flat you have reserved. The photographs are current, accurate, and professionally provided by a reputable photographer who makes every effort to assure that the photographs present the flats accurately. The flat you reserve is the flat that you find waiting for you in London. You will feel at home upon arrival because you have previously seen the accurate photographs. These are not model photographs. These are the real thing.

LONDON CONNECTION will respond to inquiries received either by phone, email,  or Instant Messaging. Our goal is to be available in all time zones. You may hear from the U.S. office staff, from additional people after hours, and perhaps even from the London staff. Our goal is to be available almost 24 hours so you can confirm your booking almost instantly. We are not a company that takes a requests, talks to owners, and then gets back to the inquiry the next day or even days later. We understand that you are eager for a solution to your travel requests, and we are set up to offer that service.The computer availability is absolutely up-to-date and has a computer team who service and maintain this aspect of the company. It is London Connection’s philosophy that clients want answers, and it is our professional duty to provide accurate answers.

Feedback is Important to Us

LONDON CONNECTION monitors visitor reactions to our flats. We carefully review feedback. Feedback Letters are not a casual part of a professional company.  LONDON CONNECTION thrives because we monitor our operation on a daily basis.

LONDON CONNECTION has been in the business of offering private properties to London visitors for more than thirty-five years. We offer you the best service from a team where Thomas Moore Sr, Thomas Moore Jr, Cristina, and Ricardo have a total of seventy-two years total experience.