Travel Insurance: Is It A Good Idea for Your Time in London?

August 13, 2018

London Connection has hundreds of guests each year that stay in vacation apartments in London. Some choose to purchase travel insurance in case of changes or challenges that may occur before or during their travel. Insurance can cover unplanned items such as baggage delay, trip interruption, and emergency accident expenses. Some guests don’t feel it is necessary. Our advice on the subject?

When to buy:

  • If you have elderly parents
  • If booking far in advance
  • If traveling with a large group (more than 5)
  • If someone in your family has frail health (even if they aren’t traveling with you)
  • If it will give you peace of mind
  • If purchased within 21 days of the first deposit on your flat, you will also receive a pre-existing condition waiver.
  • May also be purchased after the 21 day window

Reasons not to purchase:

  • If you are going anyway, no matter what else may happen
  • If the credit card used for your reservation has built-in insurance
  • If your travel is within the next month or two
  • If you travel often and don’t feel the need for insurance

Review the pros and cons of travel insurance in order to make your decision. The company we have worked with for many years is Arch Insurance Solutions. They have a special plan for our guests. Check their website by clicking on the link above for a quote, and for details of the coverage. Feel free to call them with any questions at (877) 722-1959.

As with most insurance, if you purchase it and something happens, you will be very grateful for your small investment. However, if you buy insurance and don’t need it, then it was an unnecessary expense. I suppose you would still be grateful that everything went well, after all!

We are happy to help our guests with any of their concerns, so contact us at (801) 393-9120 or by email at Happy travels to London!