A Tribute to David Norman: Superb Pick-up Service from Heathrow Gatwick Airports

January 4, 2019

During on of my London visits, I wanted to organize my thoughts about the current London Heathrow & Gatwick Airport collection service — London Black Cab vs. Uber cars.

London Connection uses David Norman Heathrow Taxi Services for numerous reasons. The first reason is the service is far superior. A client arrives at the airport, and David or one of our other excellent drivers meets the guests in the Arrivals Hall (next to the Travelex) after they come through UK Border Control, Baggage Claim, and Her Majesty’s Customs and guides them to his Mercedes Black Cab. He knows the properties well and can talk to the guests about where they are going and what the flats are like. He often talks about monuments as he passes by. He calls the London Connection LET-IN people in advance to make sure the arrival and let-in are both coordinated and well organized. He stays with the clients until they are met at the property, and he helps with the luggage. PLUS, his Mercedes Cab can carry 5 passengers for the same price as carrying 1 to 2 persons. It is a very fine vehicle and the service is very professional. AND HE AND HIS DRIVERS ALL SPEAK ENGLISH.











The Uber experience is very different. An arrival gathers his luggage and drags it through Her Majesty’s Customs to the airport exit. There he sends for an Uber car which will carry 2 to 3 passengers, when you might need space for 5 or 6 passengers. THE DRIVER DOES NOT GENERALLY SPEAK ENGLISH, ARE NOT ENGLISH, DO NOT HAVE “THE KNOWLEDGE OF LONDON” AND OFFER A VERY DIFFERENT SERVICE. Uber picks you up and drops you off. The driver might have never been in that area before and will most likely see the property for the first time as you do. We have had Uber drivers drop off our guests at the wrong area of London and drive away (over an hour away from the actual flat).

I am not really comparing apples to apples. If one were to compare the service and coordination with a London Connection flat arrival, David Norman IS A BARGAIN. If you read our reviews throughout our website, you will agree that those who use David Norman are best served. David and his associates are the perfect way to start a trip.  They are the FIRST FACE of this company. David is one part of seamless arrival process. Fabulous service.

Here are typical reviews from some recent LONDON CONNECTION guests.

Andrew, May 23: “Every person on staff with London Connection – booking, drivers, housekeeping, key holders – were responsive to our needs.” Michael on March 1: “The driver was prompt and professional who took us to the airport.” Roberta wrote in August: “David is always a pleasure to visit with and he picked us up and returned us safely to the airport.”

David Norman is self-employed, but we have used his services for MORE THAN A DECADE because in 35 years of owning and operating London Connection, we have never found an equal to this fine service. Call Shannon at our London Connection USA office for more information and to make a reservation 801.317.8951 or email stalbot@connectionsmg.com. Give David a call and talk to him directly: North America to  London 011. 44.790.423.2782 or email DNorman@londonconnection.com