UK Bed Sizes vs. US Bed Sizes: Find the Right Bed Size for Your Needs

January 20, 2018


You know there are some cultural differences between the US and UK. We drive on different sides of the road, we use different words to describe the same thing. Sometimes, we wonder if we are getting lost in translation, even though we speak the same language! Bed sizes are no exception.

Many hotels in London only have Double beds. And sometimes, any size bed that will sleep two people is called a double, no matter the bed dimensions. Some of the guests in our London Connection vacation rental apartments are surprised when they envisioned what they are used to in the US and they find there is a difference.

In our London Connection property descriptions, we use the UK terms for the bedroom size, since the beds are located in London. After researching several companies and websites, we decided it is just easier to compare the numbers side by side. Here is a quick look at bed sizes in the US and how they compare with the UK bed sizes.

Cot (US) = Small Single (UK)


29.5 “ x 75” or 75 x 190 cm

Works well for children

Twin (US) = Single (UK)


39” x 75” (US)

36” x 75” (UK) or 90 x 190cm

Small, good for limited space



Small Double (UK only)


48” x 75”

120 x 190cm

Roomy for one person, super snuggly for two adults.





54” x 75”

135 x 190cm

Fits two adults, but barely. Most common in the UK.

Queen (US) = King (UK)


60” x 80” (US)

60” x 78” (UK) or 150 x 200 cm

Same width but slightly shorter than the US Queen. Fits two adults comfortably.


King (US) = Super King (UK)


76” x 80” (US)

72” x 78” (UK) or 180 x 200 cm

In the UK, this might be a large bed or it might be two single beds pushed together with one Super King sheet. When combining two singles, we use a foam pad bed topper, so you don’t even realize. In other hotels or properties, you may have a crack.




Refer to our London Connection website and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. No matter which size bed you find in your London Connection flat, know that they will be comfortable and have the finest linens that have been sterilized in professional laundry facilities between each guest. Your comfort is our high priority. We want you to enjoy your stay, and return again and again. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.