Where To Stay In Westminster

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Where is Westminster?

Westminster is perhaps one of the most iconic, renowned districts in all of London. Located in central London, on the north bank of the River Thames, Westminster’s central location is home to notable attractions and historic landmarks like the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral. With several tube stations located throughout the district, accessing these locations and others throughout London is quick and easy.

History of Westminster

This history of Westminster dates back to the mid-11th Century when King Edward the Confessor constructed an abbey in the Westminster area – one which only the foundation remains today. Between this abbey and the River Thames, King Edward built a palace in order to guarantee that Westminster would have a fixed government seat and therefore bring power and wealth to the area.

Historically part of Middlesex and named after Westminster Abbey, the area has forever been known for its involvement in government and royalty. Even after the dissolution of Westminster Abbey, the area remained a prominent governmental stronghold with the formation of the Westminster Court of Burgesses in 1585 and even later in 1900 when the Metropolitan Borough of Westminster was created.

Today, Westminster continues to operate as a central government system while also paying tribute to its longstanding political history through historic buildings and attractions. However, to truly get a sense of just how significant Westminster is, you’ll simply have to visit.

Things To Do In Westminster

When it comes to filling an itinerary, not many places in London hold more options than Westminster. Home to the Palace of Westminster, one of London’s four World Heritage Sites, Westminster is where several major galleries and iconic attractions are located as well. When it comes time to plan your trip, make sure to include these stops on your list:

Be “In-The-Know” When Visiting Westminster

Because of Westminster’s prime location and renowned attractions, the area has a significant amount of visitors every day. So while you will still have the opportunity to get an up-close experience of one of London’s greatest cities, you shouldn’t expect to have a lot of alone time, or one-on-one time with certain sites or attractions. Keep in mind that the area is also known for congested traffic, so consider taking the tube or walking from one fantastic site to the next.

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