Who is Rick Steves and Why Does His Opinion About London Connection Matter?

February 16, 2019

Rick Steves is a travel expert who helps us become independent travelers through his self-guided walking tours and “off the beaten path” approach. He encourages and educates his audience through his guidebooks, blogs, app, travel forum, TV, social media, radio, newspaper, and YouTube. His Italian guidebooks are best-sellers. He published his first book about Europe in 1979, and opened a travel center north of Seattle shortly afterwards. His store doubled as his piano teaching studio, and his musical training still adds to the artistic insights he shares. His ardent followers are known as “Rickniks.”

Steves  points out cozy and unique places that you wouldn’t see with a typical group tour. He has been on my radar ever since the early 1990s; his show on PBS took me vicariously throughout Europe, and it was a thrill to be in all those places “with” him. I carried his book with me through the streets of Rome in 1994, upgraded to using his app in Munich and Paris in 2016, and many adventures in between. And yes, I visited historic sites and noticed art details through his guidance that I would have missed otherwise. Can you tell I am a fan?

We are thrilled that Steves has recommended London Connection for many years as an ideal vacation rental company. In keeping with his philosophy that you have a unique experience, he suggests our properties when you travel to the Royal City. Our vacation apartments are each decorated with your comfort and a memorable London experience in mind. They are located in the best neighborhoods, near the most popular sites and activities. From the moment you arrive at the airport until you leave for home, we want you to have a wonderful time. We have the London and US team working hand-in-hand to ensure that you do!

Steves advocates that you can “learn from your travels and have fun at the same time” and encourages us to get out and see the real world. He discourages limiting our cultural experiences to what we see at theme parks that take us to countries through their displays and shops. Believing that Americans take the shortest vacations in the “rich world,” he suggests that we should travel more because time is a limited commodity. I think Steves is spot on with his observations. My European friends take a month or two each year to go experience other countries; many Americans feel that more than a week away from work is too much. 

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